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Here's where I'll post answers to the questions you ask. Feel free to really ask me anything. I would appreciate it if you did ask about the school board, my views, what I'm all about, etc. But heck, if you want to know what color socks I'm wearing, you can ask that too!

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I want to know specifically how you feel about Prop 8.

  • The short answer is that I am in favor of Proposition 8. And I honk my horn and wave at people holding up signs in support of Prop 8. Now, what really burns my butt is that we have to vote on this again. This was already on the ballot, voted on and decided by the voters. Then, four justices feel they need to overturn the will of the people and we get to do it all over again. What a waste of money.

What are your thoughts on teachers and tenure? Do you believe this is a fair system?

  • I believe that no matter what job you have, you need to earn that job each and every day. Tenure rewards longevity at a position and provides certain protections. That's not necessarily a good thing all the time. While a wizened educator can share a wealth of knowledge and past practices, a younger teacher may have the benefit of knowing new methods of teaching and may be more likely to think outside of the box. 

Is it fair? I don't think so. It really restricts school administration if you have to deal with teachers who if it weren't for tenure, wouldn't still be teaching.

I would like to know where you stand on two issues: SB 777 and Prop 4

  • While I don't really see Proposition 4 as an issue that pertains to a school board role, it does touch on the fact that kids are involved. My own personal feeling is that if a health care worker is going to be touching my daughter, in any way, I want to know about it. So, I am in favor of Prop 4. 

    SB 777 is a stickier mess. On the outside, it tries to clarify some discrimination issues and supposedly make the law clearer. I do believe in tolerance of others - whether it's religion, lifestyle, or sexual orientation. However, there's a lot of controversy about this as to how far this bill will go. Much of that controversy seems to be taken out of context or blow out of proportion. 

    If it is just to help reduce discrimination, yes, I'm for it. However, if it's misdirected and does more and erodes 'family values' to the point of what the scare-tactics say about not being able to talk about "mom" and "dad", I'm against it. And this is one of those bills that seems to be so nebulous it could almost go either way. 

    In a overall sense - I've had a traditional upbringing. I have many of the "common, traditional" beliefs. Yet, I feel we need to be tolerant of those who are different than us. However, do I want that to become the norm? No. I still want to see traditional values taught in school.

Do you agree with comprehensive sex education, or do you think that abstinence should be taught?

  • I feel there is a certain component of sex education that should be taught in schools. But it's more along the biological aspect - what happens, how, the processes involved, etc. Part of this education should also be methods of birth control. As far as I know, the ONLY 100% effective birth control is abstinence and yes, that should be taught (and hopefully practiced). And, handing out condoms is wrong and sends the wrong message to our students.

Would you seek to ban the public displays of affection between students of any sexual orientation?

  • While some may say "kids will be kids" and the kids will yell it's not fair and we're stepping on their 'freedom of expression', something should be done. 

    I've seen some of these "displays of affection". It's over the top and makes many people - students, teachers, parents - very uncomfortable. It's not appropriate at school. 

    The question is - where do you draw the line? Can the students hold hands? Arms around each other? Hugs? Kiss? And when you bring up the possibility of "any sexual orientation", even something as innocuous as holding hands can be offensive and therefore disruptive to others. 

    I don't think a complete ban on any affection is appropriate (or enforceable). And in today's culture, we do have to be a bit more tolerant of people who are not "like us". 

    I would support a policy that has some provision for "basic" displays of affection - but well short of what goes on these days. Maybe we need a "three second rule" for hugs and embraces. That would allow for a celebratory gesture or familiar embrace, but not allow the overtly sexual behavior.

What color socks are you wearing?

  • Right now, I'm barefoot. However, when I do wear socks, they're usually white (Yes, I just put this in here for now until I do get a valid question!).



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