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Change - it's all about change


A lot's been made of that in the presidential campaign. Sometimes it seems that word is overused. And we often feel nothing will change. Or even why bother.

Well, I used to be the cynic too. But then I started my campaign. And why did I do it? Yep, because we need change.

Frustration over what's going on at the board and at the schools has driven me to do this.

I'm looking forward to challenging the other 4 board member and the superintendent. I plan on asking questions and looking for other solutions. I want to stop and ask why.

I've been to dozens of school board meetings over the past 6 years. I often see 5 heads nodding in unison.

Look where it's got us.

We do need to change things. We need to improve the schools.

If you feel the schools are doing great, vote for Kurt Marler and George McClure. They are part of the current administration.

However, if you feel like I do, and don't like what you see going on, vote for Bill Durney.

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