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As the days go by, I'll expand this list. I want you know who I am and what I stand for. You need to know where my head is and if you like what you see, vote for me.

  • English - Oh my... How about if we all speak the same language? This is the United States of America. Our official language is English. Got a problem learning it?
  • School Bond - I think it's a bad idea. We have too much debt right now. We need to find a better way to accomplish our goals. More on this can be found here.
  • Small School at Citracado - The small school concept has some merit, but, is now the time to build a new school? Do we really need one? Is this really the best location? I think there are far better locations throughout the city. And how will this help all but the top end of student population? I'm more worried about the lower end, the students on the verge of failing and dropping out. Click here for more on this subject.
  • Overcrowded Schools - Yes, they were originally built to handle 1500-1800 students. They have expanded over time and now have many more students. We need to manage the properties and see if there is indeed a way to maintain 3 primary campuses effectively.
  • Administration - I've heard a lot about how they administrators are too highly paid, we've got too many, etc. I don't know that for a fact. I need to look into that. But, when I hear that the first person brought back after layoffs is a bi-lingual receptionist for the administration office, well, I get a little bent out of shape.
  • Educating non-citizen students - I believe that we need to provide a good education for our citizens. And I don't mean just anyone who lives here. To me, if you want to go to school here, you should be a U.S. citizen.
  • School Board Meetings - These need to be more interactive. The public needs to be able to speak for more than 3 minutes each, 20 minutes on a topic. And they need answers back. Not just 5 board members who "listen".
  • Drop Out Rate - 1 out of 6 students drop out before graduation? That's ridiculous. Why so many? If that's an accurate number we need to re-think our curriculum and program offerings.
  • School Vouchers - Great idea! I think it will help public schools get better. If they don't, they're not going to be around and more and more private and charter schools will pop up.
  • School Uniforms - All for it.


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